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Donut Bar

Donuts? At a wedding? This trend is one I’ve seen explode at the Vista at Cedar Hills. It seamed that over night everyone conspired together to have a donut bar. But no matter how many times it is done, no two donut bars are alike.

Here are a few suggestions (and pictures thanks to Pinterest) for your donut bar.

it’s all about the display.

The dowels keep donuts stacked and you can DIY, selecting different heights depending on how many guests are coming.

Add variety.

People can be pretty particular about their donuts. Some only like the classic glazed while others are all about chocolate and sprinkles. Below is a picture of a different display which shows off the different varieties of donuts.

Sometimes smaller is better.

Personally, I’m all about the donut holes. They are the perfect size, don’t leave fingers sticky, and allow you to sample every flavor without eating 4, 5, or 6 donuts.

The picture below is from my sisters wedding a year ago and I still think it’s a trendy way to serve donuts.

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