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Bridal Emergency Kit

So many brides remember the day they woke up for their wedding and were so unbelievably stressed all day that something would go wrong. I look back on my own wedding day and remember never feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I was calm. The biggest reason I was able to keep my cool was because I was marrying the man of my dreams and honestly, nothing else seemed to matter anymore--but another thing that kept my cool was knowing I was prepared for the worst.

You can't prevent bad things from happening on your special day, but you can be prepared to remedy any mishaps. Here is a list of everything you may need for your wedding day:

Sewing and Wardrobe repair Kit:

- Sewing Needle

Mother of the Bride Putting Her Daughter's Necklace on

- Black and White Thread

- A Couple Safety Pins (I needed a quick fix for my broken latch on my pearl necklace, thank goodness I had safety pins!)

- A Few Straight Pins (great in any boutonniere mishap)

- Clear Nail Polish

- Super Glue

- Lint Roller

- Static Guard

- Tide-To-Go Stick

- White Chalk (to cover stubborn stains)

- Scissors

- Steamer

- Seam Tape (

Medication and First Aid:

- Pain Relievers

- Personal Medication

- Tooth Brush and Floss (or! I love using Whisps, they make my breath smell great and are much smaller and easier to carry around

- Bandages (because blisters shouldn't be your consequence of having stunning shoes!)

- Tampons/Pads

- Pepto-Bismol

- Sunscreen/Bug Spray

- Deodorant

- Perfume

- Tums

- Allergy Pills


- Foundation

- Powder

- Bronzer

Bride Standing in front of the Mirror in the Bride's Room at the Vista Room in Cedar Hills

- Blush

- Mascara

- Eyeliner

- Eye Shadow

- Eyebrow Pencil

- Lip Balm

- Lipstick/Lip Gloss

- Makeup Remover Wipes

- Oil Absorbent Sheets

- Tweezers

- Nail Clippers/File

- Tissues

- Mirror

- Lotion

- Eye Drops

- Cotton Swabs


- Bobby Pins

- Hairspray

- Hair Gel (most likely your husband will forget this and end up having weird hair for half the day.)

- Hair Ties

- Comb/Brush

- Baby Powder/Dry Shampoo

- Curling/Flat Iron


- Mints! (I highly recommend not having gum, it can be impolite to be chomping on gum while talking to your guests. It also gets hard and flavorless and you don't want to be stuck with hard, yucky gum while talking to guests.)

- Earring Backs

- Water (bring a straw too! Help protect that pretty makeup!)

- Snack - ie: granola bar

- Energy Drink

- Phone Charger

- Black Socks (for your sweet, forgetful, husband)

- Phone Charger and AUX Cord

- Bride and Groom ID

- Copy of Your Vows

- Flat Shoes

- Umbrella

Download our cute Emergency Kit list here by right clicking the image and saving the image! That way you can have it handy on your big day!

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