COVID-19 Update:

At this time, we are not accepting walk in appointments. We ask that you call us at 801.785.9668 x300 or email Becky or Mary to schedule an appointment or It is required to wear a mask for your appointment and to not come if you are experiencing any illnesses. Thank you!


  1. With the latest guidelines face masks are now REQUIRED to be worn at your event. 

  2. We provide and display mandatory signs requiring mask wearing and social distancing. 

  3. There are floor markings to encourage 6 foot social distancing while waiting in the receiving line.

  4. One hand sanitizing station is provided outside the Vista Room. We have 2 other automatic dispensers available for you to put on your serving and guest book table. You will need to bring sanitizer to fill these two.

  5. Most caterers are aware of food and drink regulations, however, it is important that you are aware that all food must either be prepackaged, grab-n-go food or must be served by a designated server who is equipped with an apron, gloves, and a mask.

  6. We encourage only having The Bride and Groom First Dance, Daddy-Daughter, Mother-Son dance. Group dancing is not prohibited but we strongly advise against it. There are strict rules that if you do have dancing; face masks must be worn and a 6 foot distance must be maintained among the dancers.


We appreciate your patience as we too are doing our best to comply to new changes as they are released by the government. Please keep in mind that these rules may change or be added to as the government releases new information. 

We know this is a crazy time to be planning a wedding and we want to do all we can to help you still have a wonderful event while helping keep you and your loved ones healthy! 

Tel: 801.785.9668 (ext. 300)

Office Hours are M-F 10am-5pm

We do not offer tours on the weekend or outside office hours


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