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Moonlight Lighting
Mom Helping Bride with Shoes

Our gorgeous bride enjoying a little Martinelli's with her bridesmaids in the brides room before her wedding ceremony out at the beautiful pergola.


Adding even just a touch of flowers to the pergola is such a fun way to make it even more stunning!

How cute are these little kiddos on the dance floor. We are excited to see them here for their wedding in about 15 years.


The fireplace is such a unique and beautiful part of the Vista Room. Not only does the roaring fireplace add a cozy feel to your winter wedding, but it is the perfect place to showcase photos, floral, candles, and more!

How simple is it to use one of our rental items (white lanterns) and put some beautiful flowers around it! Stunning!

Look at all those beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen! Shout out to Moonlight for the amazing bistro lights across the yard! Splendid!

Don't you just love, LOVE?! How cute is this couple!?

We have two 8 foot long, dark wood, vineyard style, serving tables for all your beautiful and tasty refreshments!

If an outdoor ceremony isn't your thing, the fireplace also makes an incredible background for your vows! How precious is this!?

What is better than our adorable brides room?! Being in the brides room with all of your closest and most supportive girls!

Okay, that sky though. *insert drooling emoji face*

candy bar
twice the cake, twice the fun

We love seeing all of the different family and cultural wedding traditions! This is a traditional Lithuanian cake called Šakotis, which means "branchy tree cake". Šakotis is one of the most important desserts in Lithuanian celebrations, especially at weddings.

donut wall
sending off wih a kiss
pink runner
Display Table
Decor by Sage and Thistle

Not only are weddings here gorgeous, but we do corporate parties as well! This was a casino night one of our clients put on for their employees. It was so much fun...and it looks amazinggg!

Decor by Sage and Thistle
Decor by Sage and Thistle
Decor by Sage and Thistle
Vista Room
Head Table

How beautiful are those blooms?! They are breath taking.

Flowers by Milli
Vista Cedar Hills

That. Sky. Though.

Moonlight and Ewatts Photography
Moonlight Lighting
Outdoor Ceremony
Moonlight Lighting
Utah Valley Regional Ballet Dinner

Here is another amazing corporate event. Can you tell it's a Snow White theme?! How cute is that!?

Who says your cake needs to be tall! This deconstructed wedding cake is so adorable... and I am sure it was delicious.

Photo by Alice Shoots People
Photo by Alice Shoots People
Photo by Alice Shoots People
Flowers by Leslie Nielson
Photo by Alice Shoots People
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